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5 Minute Yoga Symbolic Meaning of Poses

Breaking Yoga Stereotypes: Keep in mind Yoga=Union, see below metaphor Jesus Does Yoga for deeper understanding

Intro to the Benefits of Yoga for Athletes:
Upper & Core Strength
Mindfulness to help Improve your Strategy when responding in split second decision-making which is required when participating in sports

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INTRO: Jesus Does Yoga
Yoga, like other tools (i.e. Intimacy) that are meant to be beneficial for balancing our mind, body, and uniting us with divinity, has been westernized, demonized, and taken out of its original context to maintain a shift in power and financial gain.

Let's get back to the roots of Yoga, which derived in Africa. The Original purpose of Yoga was to symbolically prepare the body for life's purpose. Our bodies are tools for the spirit to forfill our purpose here on Earth. Yoga poses are symbolic and teaches us to be flexible, challenging us to endure life's challenges. Yoga demands our Body & Ego to submit to the spirit of love and unity, our higher self, THE Infinite.
Mindul Yoga will help balance the elements within us and because we are made of the same elements of the universe, self healing is contagious, creating universal healing.


Unbalanced CHAKRAS

Note: I spell Jesus different ways for the purpose of connecting with a diverse audience. I'm quirky like that.

I use this example for simplicity but please understand Yoga originated in Africa and you should research the teachings of MAAT & other Ancient Ones for more indebth wisdom.

Jesus Does Yoga: Provides a metaphoric explanation for when Jesus prayed for 3 hours in Gethsemane. Matthew 26:40-46

The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

What 'Jesus Does Yoga' is About?
Experience the Joy of Life using the 'Jesus Teachings' as a Role Model
(You don't have to be a Christian to use the teachings as an example)

The teaching of 'Iesus' was not that he was a Christain but that he was 'God' who came here as Man to show us the way to mental freedom. Remember we were physically freed from bondage but we have yet to have true mental freedom due to the constant brainwashing, we must proactively and aggressively retrain our brain and DNA codes.

The "link" or connection to the original source ( Divine, Higher Self, Universe.. but for the sake of this message I'll refer to our Supreme Being as God for sharing purposes but it is said to give the infinite a name, is to defile it) Remember we are not to worship man, but be in constant relationship with the Ones who came to deliver us from evil.

How it relates to our Spirtual Walk-
-Liberation or Freedom From The Bondage of Human Existence
-Outward Physical Expression of Overcoming the Ego
-Expression of Flexibility
-Symbolizes Desire for Oneness with the Divine

Yahshua's Teachings (English Translation of Kemet Religion) show us the way:
Luke 17:20-22
The Kingdom of God is within
Also found in Kemet (African) Proverb

Matthew 11:28
His yoke is easy (because together with God we are balanced, in our weakness his strength is made perfect 2Cor 12:9)

And the burden he gave me can also be considered as Light because failures teach, train and guide us
My burdens given to me, show me or reveal to me Light which guides my path making my crooked paths straight by Helping me learn from burdens, I improve me, I make wise decisions & discern truth Isaiah 45:2

ISAIAH 58:6:“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?

If we break free from the bondage of religion, government, politics, possessions, wordly desires, and past transgressions and yoke ourselves with the Divine we will find balance in this life and be ready for our next destination.

Here's why:
The hitch point of the yoke connects the yoke to what’s being pulled. (the burdens being pulled connects us to God and he will carry them for you while using you a as a tool.
'Jesus' asked God to "take this cup" from him. This was the flesh living in fear or the human asking God to to take the burden fear of what was to come, wanting a way out but (God did not give us the SPIRIT of fear). Yoga is an outward expression of commanding our flesh to submit to the spirit for we must be flexible on our journey.

Purpose: To harness a pair of animals so that they can drag a load together as efficiently as possible. Used especially with oxen for plowing soil to plant seeds.


How it works: The beam rests in front of the shoulder hump (or withers), distributing weight and enabling natural and comfortable movement. Custom fitting each side allows oxen of unequal size or strength to pull together without one being dragged by the other. That's why it's important to not be unequally yoked with lower vibrating beings but yoked with the teachings of Yahshua (also known as Jesus YE-SU," in Cantonese "YE-SOU," in Taiwanese "YA-SAW," and in Hakka "YA-SU." Rev 5 & 7 )

Do you ever wonder where Jesus ventured off to for 18 years?

Hindu Refer to him as Saint Issa
Buddhists are said to conceal a very ancient manuscript in a monastery high in the Himalayas called “The Life of Saint Issa, the Best of the Sons of Men.”

Do you ever consider why Jesus prayed for 3 hours? Do you realize the endurance required to pray for that long?

"Jesus does Yoga" is metaphoric, a symbolic and outward expression of your desire to endure this fight and be connected to the divine. It's not a requirement, it's not biblical it's helpful in our journey.

Jesus' teachings and his life were a sacrifice to set an example for us on how to ascend and live free from bondage.



Physical Movements: create self discipline, improve our health prepare us for the unknown or the spiritual battle to endure earthly discomfort. We battle not with flesh and blood but with...Ephesians 6


DISPELS NEGATIVE 'KARMA' through self improvement


YOGA OF WISDOM studying rationalizing reflecting upon the Word of Elohim and teachings

YOGA OF DEVOTIONAL LOVE or DIVINE LOVE- turning our attention toward the Divine

YOGA OF MEDITATION meditating on teachings of the Creator

TANTRIC YOGA Intimacy (close relationship and communication/prayer) with the Divine

YOGA OR SELFLESS ACTION: practicing living according to ethical behavior and selflessness

YOGA of ritual identification : identify with your spiritual self or spiritual nature

Spirtual Warfare
Ephesians 6. It teaches us we must Be physically and mentally stronger than our enemy. Study the enemy, know how to defend yourself against it. This is through studying the word of God. Having "go to" scriptures to shut the enemy down when he/it comes with lies. Rev 9 I have the seal of my Source and cannot be harmed by....Luke 10 I have the POWER TO TREAD ON SERPENTS AND SCORPIANS OVER ALL POWER OF THE ENEMY

Remember we are mostly at war with ourselves and we are our own worst enemy. Your enemy could just be your negative thoughts or allowing other people's negative thoughts 'rub off' on you.

Know your enemy and how to defend yourself: 30 Stategies

YOGA: physical nature psychic energy centers, (Joseph interpreted dreams, many of God's prophets were able to foretell and warn God's people; we have been given spiritual gifts and created in 'his' image we are able to heal and endure the same as Yeshua has done, he left us his teachings to study and be the light for others and he has asked when will we believe we are just as powerful..."how long must I stay here with you?" Mark 9:19

Emotional Guidance System EGS is the way your spirit communicates with you.
Pay attention, ensure bio systems are all balances and intuned with soul.

All should be interacting with each other working together.

Biblical Giants
Egyptian (Kemet or African) Proverbs share the same teachings.