You appeared three times in my visions, appearing at my door as a ghost, once I mustarded the strength to push my suburban in between us to distance myself from you, another time my father killed you. And then in the natural on three occasions I was faced with death, I called for you to save me but each time someone else appeared right before you as if to protect me from you. (Dig Deeper: Isaiah 58:8 od goes before us, protecting us First in the Natural then in the Spiritual) a star child had even warned me, a dream she recalled of you first chasing me and again with a knife this time stabbing me in the heart.

Again I battled with the conflicting thoughts, were you my mirror, showing me something about myself that I was unaware of? Was my depression provoked by a broken heart? Certainly someone I loved so dearly could not be out to kill me? But maybe you were and maybe this was not a bad thing but a destiny thing, maybe this death was a good thing. The flesh dies daily, so that the spirit can be free to live.
For many of us it is difficult to shed the old, meaning, it is difficult to detach from the world when we have been subjected to it for so long. Perhaps we are given a mirror, a person who illuminates the darkness within us we are unable to detect. Perhaps the purpose of those around us are to help kill off the portion of ourselves that does not want to die but no longer suits our spiritual growth and is only holding us back. Assisted suicide of the Ego is killing off the toxic portion of yourself, so whatever your reason was for killing a portion of me in the end helped me. What you may have intended for bad was used for my good.

Ending the War: Winning the Battle
If someone is drowning, how can they possibly save you from drowning. If someone has not learned to swim how can they save you from drowning? Forgive yourself and forgive them for they know not what they do. If someone is unaware they are battling their own demons within, be it anger, rage, past hurt, ancestral or generational curses etc how can they consciously be aware that they are hurting you? It may or may not be intentionally and because we don't know, forgive them for they know not what they do for they are just as lost as you. Or Perhaps they are a direct reflection of you and these are things you need to recognize in yourself and change.

6 Tips To Win:

Ultimately, Healing Someone Else Starts from Healing Yourself. You could be saving two lives.

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