Healing Journey

These suggestions are solely based on what's been documented that holds people back from Spiritual Transformation and Progression.


Stroking the Ego
To Avoid Confrontation

How to Stop:
✔️Your ego
Stop living in fear - fear may have developed from some sort of abuse, address it, feel the hurt, forgive and let that shit go.

Why? You need to fix it:
Lying lowers your 'spiritual' vibration; its one of the reasons 'God' made it a commandment. Not for 'him' but for you, to help you along your journey to your spiritual destiny.

Practice Being honest with yourself and the rest will follow:

Who are you?
What do you really like to do?
What makes you happy?
Who or what are you around when you're happy?
What are you good at?
What are your gifts? Share them with the world! You are who we've been waiting for!


Blaming God...

1️⃣What if this little boy signed up for this journey in his life to sacrifice himself to teach mankind compassion? What if his soul is not really suffering at all but this is just his human form temporarily displaying suffering for many reasons, it could be his past life
2️⃣Karma, perhaps a previous slave owner's soul is trapped in this being, it could be to give a doctor a 3️⃣Opportunity to find a holistic cure for his illness which may later lead to mankind standing together to fight against the real evil, the real enemy which are the evil people/souls who created such an oppressed system. Just sayin....

Yes, The Infinite could heal and rid this whole universe of evil but I believe suffering is apart of the plan. Every time you see someone suffering and you helped them you experience 4️⃣growth. When you are experiencing suffering, you are learning something about yourself that needs improving or adjusting. The infinite could make a perfect world but what does that do for your spiritual growth? This perspective came from being a parent. I could created the perfect environment for my child but if I figure out and solve all of her problems how will she learned? How will she grow? When she creates a problem for herself, I could step in and fix it or I could give her the tools to fix it herself. This is why we have doctors, attorneys, activists, scientists etc they are tools/gifts God gave to each of us for our learning, advancement and spiritual growth.
5️⃣Discovery, Ultimately we have not learned how to take this body outside of earth, we just haven't figured it out, perhaps it is a part of our journey to help find a solution together? Perhaps we are so distracted with blaming 'God' who knows the answer and has given you the resources to figure it out but will not step in to finish the work for you. I remember reading in the Bible how pleased God was with his creation and it was GOOD. Perhaps when evil reared its Ugly head, the Infinite banished evil/ego from having the same Infinite capabilities until mankind can prove it's pureness before being given infinite wisdom and abilities. Perhaps the only way to be Christ Like, Buddha Like, Mohammed Like, or Infinitely connected to the Source is by having a pure ❤️. Perhaps the only way to 6️⃣shape a pure heart is to set before you blessings and curse, obstacles, adversity, temptation suffering, test and trials to create perfection. I mean is that not how the light bulb was created? Until then, this body is temporary, a tool to 7️⃣appreciate and enjoy life, 8️⃣learn, grow and 9️⃣help others along the way.

What if everything you see that appears to be negative is something another soul envisioned or created with their thoughts? What if it's your responsibility to help 🔟guide that soul on its journey to find peace within?

We tell people to stop blaming everyone else for their problems, perhaps we should stop blaming God for ours.

So why Does the Infinite take so long to kill off evil doers?
I use to think this too like this, geesh why is the Infinite taking so long to kill off these people 😒 ... but time to man is not the same as universal time. I think it says something like a second is like a 100 years to the Infinite. *shrugs

Either way when we unconditionally love what we've created we want to give it 'time' to work, I think we are all being given time to get it right.
A wise soul once said,
"Love and prosocial behavior have harmonic resonances that do not ionize well with materials in general. That means they, usually, carry for great distances well beyond the scope of gravity and Earthbound substances.
Time as we see it is a combination of space plasma, and graviton flux compression ratio to be more complete.
The reason why we look so hard for the CERN and similar particles is that the true time can grant us unbelievable powers." Louis Coursey lll

It is not the benevolence quest that the media makes it out to be.

Stop blaming 'God' for your lack of understanding.

That's my take we can agree to disagree.


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