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Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal, also known as the "festival of colours" or the "festival of love"
Just hours after wrapping up five days of carnival festivities, the streets are no longer lit. I wanted to share the history of Carnival with you a bit. In 1881 the slaves banned together protesting and rioting, burning sugar cane in exchange for their pain. Re-enacting The Canboulay meaning “ burning cane” we commemorate freedom, the steel pan they bang, they dance and sang, through us, their spirits remain, the Trinidad evening reminded me of D.C. after a summer rain. 
Many have tried to derail Carnival celebrations like any other organization that encourages people of Color to feel empowered and overcome oppression. A Trini Native shared with me the measures taken to Band Carnival; a name in particular I recall was Captain Arthur Baker who in 1881, with a contingent of police officers made an attack on Canboulay masqueraders. Captain Baker and many who shared his hate were determined to discourage and band celebrations, but we are a persistent, resilient people.
Gratitude to the freedom fighters who labored to keep Carnival in our traditions to commemorate and celebrate the ancestors. The festival is also where calypso music has its roots; its rhythms can be traced back to West African Kais.
Trinidad and Tobago's history like that of most documented history taught in our education system dates only as far back as 1498 right around the arrival of the Colonist although its unwritten history goes back more than 5000 years, according to archaeological artifacts.
So, the next time you’re participating in Carnival remember the original purpose and honor the ancestors that paved the way for you. They protested in the streets demanding our freedom; now we walked the streets in celebration of where their efforts have brought us, our evolution, and where we are going in the future.

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The Arawaks were the first
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Ben's Chili Bowl - Washington, D.C
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I had the pleasure of having lunch with Kiah and Mrs. Virginia Ali. Mrs. Virginia really took a liking to Kiah, as she danced to the tunes beaming from the Jukebox.

Ben's Chili Bowl is one of my favorite places in DC, not just because it has good food therapy for the soul, but because of its history. It has been an integral part of the community since its founding in 1958, frequented by both police and protesters during the 1968 Washington, D.C. riots.

"Ben's Chili Bowl was founded on August 22, 1958 by Ben Ali, a Trinidadian-born immigrant who studied dentistry at nearby Howard University, and his fiancee, Virginian-born,Virginia Rollins. The two were married seven weeks after opening the restaurant."

Can you believe Washington was still officially segregated during this time but this time? U Street, was known as "Black Broadway". Many jazz greats of the day, such as Duke EllingtonMiles Davis, and Nat King Cole, would stop by the restaurant when they performed at U Street clubs.

Following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , black activist Stokely Carmichael, leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, asked Ben to keep his restaurant open and the Alis obtained permission to stay open past curfew. The restaurant fed both the police officers and firemen working to impose order on the neighborhood, as well as the black activists. The violence and arson reached such an extent that Ben wrote "Soul Brother" in soap on the front window in the hopes that it would stop the angry mobs. (Clever)

This was also during a time when drug dealers and users were infecting the community. The restaurant stopped serving pies and cakes, which attracted addicts, while police conducted surveillance on drug dealers from an upstairs window of the building.

Ben's is my reminder of what it means to endure and remain strong. Not for just yourself, but to be a source of blessings for others. You see, U Street businesses were closing left and right, but Ben's Chili Bowl stayed open to feed construction workers.The Washington Post commented that Ben's Chili Bowl is "probably the only business on this strip that survived both the 1968 riots and the construction phase of the Metro Green Line". Survival is what Ben's represents to me.

Oh...and the food!

Don't worry - there is something for us Vegans, too! Although the "signature dish" on Ben's menu features the "original chili half-smoke" there is a healthy choice menu and guess what.... In addition to serving food for customers who eat inside or order for take-out, the restaurant ships food nationwide, too! Today, many of the restaurant's sausages are produced in Baltimore, Maryland by the Manger Packing Corporation.

Another reason why Ben's story resinates with me is because he started off with his mind set on Dentistry school but life handed him lemons and as a result he made Lemonade to washed down that Chili. Ben and Virginia are a Power Couple and in my opinion the most powerful couple in DC! Thank you for gracing DC with your presence and leaving behind a legacy and may your sons Nizam and Kamal, continue to make strides.

While Black Wall Street and Black Broadway are gone, Ben's and other small, black-owned businesses are managing to survive. We must support them to savor a little of ourselves.

So support black businesses, not because we want to be divided but because we want to be equal, which includes economic equality and buying power.

"The World is our Home, School & Playground" -Zekiah Desirae

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Cape Town Africa Music Festival
I am so excited to announce the three winners of the cartouche giveaway! Many, MANY thanks for everyone sharing my story! #internalwar. Based on true events, Internal War is a compelling and dramatic collection of combat, corruption, sex, and secrecy as experienced by women in the military. Get ready for the truth about the Iraq & Afghanistan war and the true INTERNAL WAR. 
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