Please take the Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention Survey to help improve our environments for the next generation.
Help Prevent and Deter Workplace Sexual Harassment. Empower our Youth to speak up for themselves. Sign the Petition to mandate training in the workplace. Browse here for education, information, workshops and more.

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6. Use Company Resources
Use your company’s resources, such as a harassment advisor, mediator or employee assistance program (EAP), if necessary. Many EAP programs offer you a choice of talking to someone by phone or in person, and possibly the opportunity to seek assistance outside of your community.
Naturally, harassing behavior or bullying creates stress.

7. Identify Workplace Stressors.
Take a work stress inventory to identify your sources of stress, your triggers and your current coping mechanisms.
8. Change Negative Thoughts
Learn to identify and change your “mind maps” (thoughts swirling in your mind) in such a situation and remind yourself this stressful situation is temporary. You CAN transform negative thoughts and energy into positive thoughts and positive energy.
Find one of our Relaxation Corners - Coping Mechanism Workshops

9. Keep A Joy Journal
Take time to focus on the Positive
10. Learn To Relax & Breath
Teach your body to relax with “keeping well” resources: deep breathing, progressive relaxation, mindfulness, guided imagery and relaxing music.
If you are a victim of harassment or workplace intimidation, a statement from Dr. Ron Warner, who trained me in solution-focused interviewing and counseling, still resonates: “No problem exists 24/7 except for terminal illness or chronic pain.”

Encourage your Employer to counsel and deter predators. It is possible that the harasser may need remedial training or counseling but more than likely your employer lacks strict punishment for violation.
Here's a good source for Remedial Training

If you are a victim of
Workplace Sexual Harassment (WSH),
​Military Sexual Trauma (MST),
Office bullying or intimidation and you are looking for a support
group or advice, please
contact us at +1 (210) 375-6517 or

If you would like to recommend
or register your office for one of our workshops please
contact us at +1 (210) 375-6517

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