This workshop is for Teens and Young Adults to discuss gender discrimination, how to handle tyrant managers, office bullying, and sexual harassment in the workplace.


Youth Yoga: Coping Mechanism & Lifeskills

Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to becoming targets of sexual harassment as they enter the workforce. Young workers are at a power and age disadvantage in comparison to their older supervisors and co-workers. Also, young workers are often unfamiliar with sexual harassment laws and do not know their rights. And often, young workers may be afraid to speak up about a problem at work, or may not possess the skills with which to do so. It is important to recognize that any worker, regardless of job title, age, sexual orientation or gender, may become involved in sexual harassment, either as the harasser or as the target of harassment.This workshop empowers Young Adults with the skills to articulate themselves when becoming victim of unwanted harassment.


The topic of sexual harassment in the workplace is often included in orientation programs for new employees at many workplaces. However, many young workers may not receive this training because they enter the job on a part-time basis, or as part of an internship or work-based learning experience. Many other teenagers may not receive training because they find jobs with employers that do not have formalized sexual harassment policies or training programs. 

This workshop will help Prepare Young Adults for these uncomfortable situations that could arise in the workplace.


Cost associated with the workshop start at $35 per person. Your donation provides training for underserved communities.

Contact us for events in your area or to arrange one for your group. 


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