A company’s policy manual is its blueprint for internal operations telling how the company interacts with employees and runs its business.


A company policy is a statement that defines a business’s approach to an issue. The company policy manual is a comprehensive explanation of the company’s rules for employee conduct and it tells employees what is appropriate behavior in your workplace.

But many companies either fail to produce a written set of policies, or what they do have is incomplete and out-of-date.
 For employers, there is another perhaps more compelling reason for developing and having a definitive company policy manual, according to Wikipedia:”Federal and state laws and the growing number of cases of employee related litigation against management strongly suggests that a written statement of company policy is a business necessity for firms of any size.”
Examples of litigation against a company stemming from employee actions are the release of a customer’s private information and,of course, the actions of one employee against another; sexual harassment being this type of offensive employee conduct. This does include discrimination suits brought against employers by the the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).One of the most important aspects of any policy manual is that it is up-to-date.


Laws change, new issues arise, and the manual must be updated and kept current. And if your handbook is in multiple languages, each version needs to be updated, as well.


It’s time to review and revise, let us help you in managing you with staying on top of compliance demands. Schedule a consultation today to help you make a informed decision.

The consultation includes a review of your company's manual and provides recommended changes according to out-of-date policies. 
*Edits and revisions provided by GEC can be requested in addition 
Starting at $150

Are Your Company's Policies Out-Dated? Policy Review Consultation

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