Check out Erakah's experience with expressing emotions and


channeling anger through music. Hip-Hop culture is born out


of the concurrent and convergent evolution of the arts of


graffiti, break dancing, Dj-ing and emceeing – creative forms


of self-expression. Music is another form of communication.


Rap and Hip-Hop is a universal language for the African


Diaspora to express the oppression and abuse they suffered


from in America. Macklemore discusses Hip Hop, Cultural


Appropriation “I'm just saying it's important to listen and to


be humble… this is not my culture to begin with. This is not a


culture that white people started. So I do believe, as much as


I have honed my craft, as much as I have put in years of


dedication into the music that I love, I do believe that I need


to know my place, and that comes from me listening." –

"I saw a Tweet, it was something along the lines of 'Hip-Hop


was birthed out of the Civil Rights Movement.' This is a


culture that came from pain, it came from oppression, it came


from white oppression… you cannot disregard where this


culture came from and our place in it as white people." - Macklemore

Music Therapy is a great tool to release stress, emotions, and


unblock creativity. You can listen to F*ck my Boss here! to


inspire you to express yourself through music and defuse built up


anger which can be dangerous if released in unsafe environment.


Music Therapy can also be used for "cognitive functioning, motor


skills, emotional development, communication, sensory, social skills,


and quality of life by using both active and receptive music


experiences such as improvisation, re-creation and composition.


Listening to different frequencies can also offer healing from DNA


Trauma, for example 528hz can be used removed subconscious blockage.

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