We do not have employees, we have partners. Whether you are our Marketing Director or the secretary, you work from home and set your own hours. We strive to have conference calls for meetings, saving you gas....and we only have monthly happy hours! We do not care about your race, age, sex, or color; all we care about is whether you do what you were paid to do with integrity, know that our primary audience is to serve people of color. Know that we support bringing back Black Wall Street as much as we support the Chinatown community in DC. We believe all cultures should be able to empower themselves and give back to their community as their contributions will impact the world.
It's not work when you do what you love with who you appreciate.

We will never try to control you by dangling a carrot in your face or raising the bar every time you get close.
We challenged ourselves to see if we can grow a million dollar company without borrowing from the bank, sourcing out our partners, and allowing them to work from home, saving us money on brick and motor expenses. 
Don't see your position? Email us to suggest it!

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